Lumbar support examples in different types of chairs

[Updated May 13, 2015]

Task (office) Chair

Lumbar support in an office task chair

Use Body Prop™ Classic (or discontinued Headbone®) on a low-back seat for LUMBAR support. Use the CONCAVE end of the pillow for more traditional lumbar support, or use the BULBOUS end of the pillow for a more targeted, firm support. It may be necessary to remove some filler to make it flat enough for this use. (Access filler through the zipper on the side seam.)

Bucket seats in a vehicle (Ford Explorer seat shown)

Lumbar support in a Ford Explorer seat

As early-version of Backbone™ on a Ford Explorer seat. The inset shows how much of the device is hanging over the backside. Although an older product, usage and length are the same.

Body Prop Long (or discontinued Backbone) is long enough to reach the lumbar region in high-back seats like car seats, executive office chairs, recliners, etc.

Especially important in a vehicle, it won’t slide away when you move. Compared to the Classic length, it’s 12 inches longer.

Important: We fill both the Body Prop Long and Classic with the same amount of filler. While the filler amount is just right for most head/neck-support applications, it may be too much for some lumbar applications. In that case, you can remove filler from the side zipper to make it fit better. (See video on “More Info & FAQ” page for more information.)