Cleaning your Body Prop pillow

The Body Prop doesn’t have a removable outer cover because a second fabric layer makes it too firm and less adjustable. Choose from two ways to clean the Body Prop:

[photos and video coming soon]

I. Surface wash (recommended because easier)

1. Wipe the surface using a damp cloth with mild soap.
1a. Alternatively, freshen the pillow by spritzing it with an air freshener (like Febreze or Lysol), and vacuuming.

II. Machine wash (this shouldn’t be necessary for most)

1. Empty the filler through the zipper on the side of the neck.

2. Turn the whole shell inside-out and ensure all the buckwheat filler is removed. Reserve the filler.

2a. You may choose to air out the filler while the shell washes. See more on that below.

3. Place the fabric shell in a lingerie bag (or tied-off pillow case) and machine wash on gentle using cold water.

4. Hang to dry, or air-dry in machine, then turn the Body Prop outside-right.

5. To replace filler, make a funnel using something flexible, like a flexible cutting mat. [Tip: When you get one end filled, leave the funnel in the hole and rotate the Body Prop to fill the other end.]

Airing out the filler
To air out the buckwheat-hull filler, pour it on a screen or in a shallow pan and let the sun bake it for an hour or so. This may be best done indoors, to reduce the risk of wind blowing it away, or insects landing in it. If using a pan, you may want to line it with paper towels.

Do not let the filler get wet. If it does, be sure to dry it completely before pouring it back into the fabric shell.

Prevention: If you plan to use it in a situation where you may sweat on it, like sunning, cover it with a towel or cloth to protect it.

I’m working on ideas for a cover, but until I figure out a good solution that doesn’t compromise the function of the product, I hope these other solutions are good enough. I’m open to any suggestions you may have, so feel free to share!