Adjustable neck pillow hangs over your seat for head, neck, or back support on any recliner, chair, or seat.

Manufactured in USA

Proudly made in Maryland, USA

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body prop neck pillow used on a dodge caravan seatFill the void of space behind your neck or back in your recliner or any seat: Body Prop is an adjustable, easy-to-use support pillow that goes anywhere and STAYS in PLACE. 

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  • Drape a Body Prop over your seat to support your head, neck, or back
  • Adjust for position, depth, and firmness by transferring the loose filler from end to end AND/OR rotating the Body Prop 180° (see next points)
  • Use the bottom end to softly cushion and cradle your head, neck, or back (concave end)
  • ROTATE the pillow upside-down and use the top end for firm support, like the nape of your neck (bulbous end)
  • Stays in place, so it won’t slide away when you move

Body Prop Classic and Long shown in carChoose from two lengths — Classic or Long, to create custom neck or lumbar support on any seat. Also use creatively to prop other body parts, like elbows, arms, legs, feet, or even objects.

*Length of pillow depends on how much filler is used. When full, Classic length is about 24″; Long length is about 36″ when full.

Body Prop support pillow for recliner

Manufactured in USA

Unconditionally guaranteed for one year. Buy with confidence for yourself or as a gift. Order yours here

Formerly known as Bone™ pillows, Headbone® and Backbone™. Learn the detailed differences between Bone™ and Body Prop™ pillows here.

Some images shown throughout this site depict the Bone pillows, but the concept is the same with the new Body Prop pillows (except for the pillow shapes), and the lengths correspond as follows: Backbone is the same length as Body Prop Long; Headbone is the same length as Body Prop Classic. Thanks for your patience while we update photos with the new product.

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