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[Written by Body Prop™ inventor, Victoria Hunter Closson]

This time, necessity was the mother of invention. A few years ago, my new Ford Explorer had inadequate head support because the seat back was too far behind my head. In other words, there was no headrest. I was uncomfortable, always getting a crick in my neck and set out to solve the problem of the gaping void of space between my head and the seat. My challenge was to design a support system that would:

  • support my head and neck
  • easily adjust to fit me or anyone else using it
  • not slide around (very important)
  • be low-maintenance, i.e., something easy, without any straps or fixatives, and be part of the seat (as opposed to a neckrest you “wear” on your shoulders)


Progression of Bone and Body Prop pillowsI pondered the issue for a while and put together the original prototype shown at right. Although not pretty, it solved my problem and I was happy. Being the perfect solution to a common problem, I assumed it had been done before. I was wrong! As it turned out, this invention was unique and I was awarded US utility patent #6254189. Well, then! What next?

Thank you to all who received the original Headbones®. They are classics and we hope you continue to enjoy them for years to come.

VisionX Products LLC was created to develop, market, and sell our patented support pillows. We started with Headbone®, then added Backbone™. The Bone™ line of products is now discontinued because we improved the design and renamed them Body Prop™. We’re also developing foam and/or water resistant versions of the pillow. If you’re searching for comfort, give Body Prop a try. I want you to love your Body Prop and offer a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t live up to your expectation for any reason, you may return it for a full refund of your original purchase price.

Our pillows are manufactured in the USA. Please support American manufacturing and help spread the word about any American-made products, including Body Prop: please tell others about it during conversations about ergonomics, comfort, or just cool products — especially online, where word can really spread.

Thank you for reading this and thanks to all my family, friends, and customers for your support. Thanks especially to my customers who are open-minded enough to try something new and different.


Victoria Hunter Closson
Headbone®, Bone™, and Body Prop™ Inventor

P.S. I welcome your questions and comments. Please contact me at the number or e-mail below.

VisionX Products LLC, P.O. Box 1552, Solomons MD 20688 (physical address available upon request)
local 410-326-0468 • Click here to e-mail

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We don’t share your personal information with anybody. When you order from us, we use the information you provide to fill your order. When you order through our site, we don’t see your credit card information because it’s processed through PayPal’s secure servers.

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