Head and neck support examples in different types of chairs

Note: Some photos depict discontinued colors or styles, but usage is the same.

La-Z-Boy Recliner

Use Body Prop (or discontinued Headbone) on your La-Z-Boy recliner as a headrest to make tv-watching or reading more comfortable.

Tips on which pillow-end to use for head/neck support:

For “alert” activities, like TV-watching, or reading, or conversing: use the bulbous end of the pillow, so it holds your head aloft.

For “relaxed” behavior, like napping or daydreaming: use the concave end of the pillow, which is more yielding; also, the flared edges will cup your face if you roll your head from side to side.
Head and neck support in a recliner

Note: the Headbone shown with this La-Z-Boy recliner is 2 inches shorter than the current Body Prop Classic style. Also note: Some La-Z-Boy seat backs have up to twice as much depth as the one shown here. If yours is extra-thick, then you may want to consider using Body Prop Long (38″) to ensure it’s long enough to drape over and still be positioned properly. Go HERE to learn how to measure your chair to determine the best Body Prop™ pillow for you.

Adirondack ChairHead and neck support in an Adirondack chair

Many outdoor lounge chairs recline too far behind the head, especially an Adirondack chair. You won’t get a crick in your neck when your head is supported while you relax, read, watch the view, or chat with friends.

 Chaise Lounge ChairWoman using Headbone® for head and neck support poolside reading paper in a deck lounge chair

Body Prop is the perfect companion pillow for sunbathing. We don’t have a custom cover designed yet. If you’re concerned about soiling it while sunbathing, cover it with a small towel. It works great.