Body Prop pillow made my useless recliner my favorite chair

On Jun 22, 2015, at 1:05 PM
From: Jesse L
Subject: Body Prop Long Pillow

Just wanted to let Vic know I’m very happy with my Body Prop Long Pillow purchase!  I had a recliner chair that was just about useless because it totally lacked neck and head support! When I did a Google search for a “recliner pillow” I found an image of your Body Prop pillow and realized right away (by the shape) that the pillow was exactly what I had needed!  As it turned out I was right! Your pillow turned my useless recliner into my favorite living room chair!  Thank you!

On Jun 22, 2015, at 6:32 PM, J L wrote:

Hi Victoria,

testimonial-body-prop  You’re welcome.  You have my permission to post my comment if desired.  The recliner I had mentioned had been causing me severe neck pain! That’s why I said it was “useless”, it had no neck support at all.  Now the recliner, with the pillow is perfectly comfortable! (see photo attached). In fact, just woke-up from a nice nap on the chair.  lol (true)

 Best regards to you and yours.  I hope you sell many more of these. If I can leave an online review somewhere regarding the pillow just let me know!


 Jesse L.